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Diplomatico Selección De Familia

Diplomatico Selección De Familia

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Selección de Familia is a new, super-premium rum born from the passion and expertise of the Ballesteros family. Crafted in Venezuela, this rum is primarily distilled in copper pot stills (90%), combined with a small portion of batch kettle and column still rums (10%).

Selección de Familia combines specifically selected rums aged for up to 12 years in charred American white oak barrels, creating a rich and complex blend. After the initial blending process, it is finished in a selection of Bourbon, Whisky and Sherry casks before the final marriage.

Selección de Familia is a drier, spicier and even more complex product than Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and at 43% ABV,  has an intense flavour whilst retaining Diplomatico’c signature smoothness. Selección de Familia has been launched to meet the increasing demand for more complex and spicier rums and is best enjoyed neat or over ice.

Nose - Rich, dark and intense. Stewed orange flesh, charred peel and fruity jelly are backed up by singed caramel. As it sits in the glass, lighter sweet and floral notes develop – rose, honeysuckle and sweet barley sugar – as well as darker fruit and soft, sweet spice: rich fruit cake and brown-sugar-dusted cinnamon buns.

Palate - An initial candied sweetness leads to a balanced core of toffee and singed caramel – rich and bittersweet. Vanilla toffee, singed orange peel and soft char notes build, followed by wine-gum and boiled-sweet fruitiness. Spice lies underneath, with dark fruit cake liberally dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Finish - Dark, bittersweet caramel notes lead, fading to leave char, apple and orange peel, and lingering sugar-dusted raisins.

Comment - A perfectly balanced example of what Diplomatico rum is all about, combining darker, richer and sweeter notes with spiced complexity and fresher fruity notes.

Venezuela, Venezuela

700 mL, 43.0%

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