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Hennessy VS (Very Special) designed by Julien Colombier

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As 2021 comes to an end, Maison Hennessy pays tribute to nature with joyful and luxurious limited editions by the French artist Julien Colombier.

Julien Colombier is a self-taught French artist, who finds inspiration around him especially in Nature. His creations consist of a dreamlike tropical forest immersed in colour. For the artist, Nature is a blend and at Maison Hennessy Nature is part of the DNA and cognac creating process. He starts with a black canvas where he depicts his poetic language to design a festive vibrant jungle that displays grapes and wine leaves.

The gift boxes and label are designed following the artwork of Julien Colombier with the imagery of nature as well as a QR code that leads to the Hennessy website to discover the collaboration.