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Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Peated Cask

Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Peated Cask

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Historically almost all Scotch bore a distinctive smoky note, as peat was the most readily available fuel: today, however, it is much less common. Berry Bros. & Rudd Classic Peated Cask is a tribute to the traditional, peated dram - with expressive bursts of soot and smoke complemented by the spirit’s fruitiness.

Appearance: Light.
Bouquet: Well balanced, with Peat aromas giving the edge. Fruity undertones deliver a rich complexity.
Palate: A fruity sweetness introduces the soft peaty character. Well balanced to perfection.
Finish: Mid-long, deliciously Peated.

Blended Whisky

London, England

700 mL, 44.2%

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