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Dark Matter Coffee Rum Liqueur 50cl

Dark Matter Coffee Rum Liqueur 50cl

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This rum liqueur is the result of experimentation around a trio of distinctive yet complementary flavours. Combining rich Arabica coffee, toasted South American cocoa seeds and heat from Aji chilli peppers, we discovered new levels of delicious when blended with our own base rum.

We explored varying levels of each component before bottling this liqueur, which balances rich notes of coffee, chocolate and that distinctive kick of spice.

Our rich Coffee Rum Liqueur is infinitely smooth, enjoyable served over ice or in a velvety Irish coffee. No sedate after-dinner sipper, it lends itself to a plethora of shaken drinks too, so expect that next round of Espresso Martinis to be propelled to stratospheric new heights.

Banchory, Scotland

500 mL, 20.0%

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