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Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Pre-Batched Cocktail Mixer Litre

Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Pre-Batched Cocktail Mixer Litre

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Combining Polish and Spanish strawberries with Persian limes from Mexico, this ready-to-drink Strawberry Daiquiri mix is the easiest way to create tasty, bar-quality cocktails at home. Simply add a measure of your favourite rum and enjoy! No, really, it’s as easy as that!

Strawberry Daiquiris are the perfect match to sunny days, and are typically only available at the height of the season, as they require the ripest strawberries. But, with these cartons you can enjoy the best tasting, fresh cocktails all year round.

If you’re not a rum fan, this tasty mix goes great with vodka and gin - there’s no rules when it comes to at home cocktail creations. If you’re shying away from liquor or simply prefer a mocktail, enjoy alone for an alcohol free Strawberry Daiquiri.

This super smooth cocktail mix can be kept in the fridge for 10 days after opening, so you can enjoy fresh cocktails day after day.

How to make a Strawberry Daiquiri:

Simply fill a cocktail shaker with ice

Add 50ml of white rum and 100ml Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Pre-batched Cocktail Mixer

Shake and pour into a chilled Daiquiri glass


London, England

1000 mL,

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