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Hine Rare VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale)

Hine Rare VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale)

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Rare VSOP is the classic expression of the House of Hine, and a benchmark for its entire collection of Cognacs. It reinterprets the fruity flavours characteristic of white wines produced from Charente vines, particularly from the Grande and Petite Champagne varieties. This blend of more than twenty eaux-de-vie is the reflection of the House’s style: fruit driven, light wood influence, broad aromatic profile and velvety mouthfeel.

Nose - Orchard fruit leads – layers of thinly sliced apples and pears delicately drizzled with light caramel and floral honey syrup. Between the apples and pears are pinches of beeswax-polished oak.

Palate - Sweet and fruity, with toffee apples and poached pears followed by soft cinnamon spice. Sultanas and cloudy apple become slowly mulled, with a teaspoon of nutmeg, mace and clove.

Finish - A hint of sharp apple skin is balanced by sweet and fruity caramel.

Comment - Elegant and multi-faceted, with layers of fruit and soft spice. A combination of fresh and well-aged spirit with surprising complexity.

Cognac, France

700 mL, 40.0%

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