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Louis Lauriston Cidre Poire

Louis Lauriston Cidre Poire

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Poiré is a traditional beverage made in Normandy by the fermentation of Pear Juice. It is made of several Pear Varieties such as Plant de Blanc, Muscadet, Avenelle and Poire de Grise. Quickly crushed after Picking, the pear juice ferments naturally for 5 to 8 weeks. Poiré is bottled in the middle of the fermentation process. Fermentation then continues inside the bottle: sugar is transformed into alcohol with natural production of carbonic gas with resulting bubbles.

Tasting Notes :

- Very clear colour with gold high lights. Nose is delicate with pear flavours and citrus hints.
- Mouth is refreshing both fruity and dry.


Normandy, France

750 mL, 4.5%

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