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The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe

The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe

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The Black Axe is a blended malt from The Gladstone Axe, combining whiskies from the Highland and Islay regions of Scotland. There is a portrait of former prime minister of the United Kingdom, William Gladstone on the label, wielding an axe! It is said that in his spare time, he took great pleasure in cutting down trees.

Nose: Bold malt with wafts of vanilla, toasted oak, and wafts of firewood.

Palate: Sweet caramel and delicate, coastal peat smoke, with floral wafts of heather and rich, bold oak.

Finish: Gentle peat rests amongst roasted malt, charred oak and sea breeze.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

, Scotland

700 mL, 41.0%

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