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Uisge Lusach Steall - The Gaelic Gins Sweet Gin

Uisge Lusach Steall - The Gaelic Gins Sweet Gin

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Distilled on the Isle of Skye Uisge Lusach is handcrafted with alchemy and passion.  The traditional copper pot still used began life as an illicit whisky still, and in 2017 was given a new lease of life: vapour infusing the gin, inspiring Uisge Lusach’s well rounded aromatics and refined rich texture.

After several trial runs with this small test still they made their first full batch of fresh and floral sweet gin in March 2021.  This mouthwatering spirit is redolent of wild hayfields, with fresh citrus notes and a lingering buttery richness.

700ml, bottled at 40% ABV.  Please note that this recipe contains nuts.

Nose: Deep floral notes with fresh citrus and clean juniper.

Palate: Fresh green pine needles on the tongue, with herbal and earthy notes, rounded by a subtle honeyed sweetness, and a beautifully rich texture.

Finish: Smooth zesty orange to finish, with a good warm length.


Island, Scotland

700 mL, 40.0%

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