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Uisge Lusach Sùg - The Gaelic Gins Dry Gin

Uisge Lusach Sùg - The Gaelic Gins Dry Gin

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Distilled on the Isle of Skye Uisge Lusach is handcrafted with alchemy and passion.  The traditional copper pot still used began life as an illicit whisky still, and in 2017 was given a new lease of life: vapour infusing the gin, inspiring Uisge Lusach’s well rounded aromatics and refined rich texture.

The juniper of this Highland dry gin is beautifully balanced by a lemon citrus brightness and delicate notes of warming spice.  This is a hugely characterful gin, distilled from the heart.

700ml, bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Soft cardamom leading to a piquant citrus freshness.
Palate: A refined richness of texture and depth of warming aromatic spice, rounded by hints of fresh citrus and lively juniper.
Finish: A long lingering delight, smooth and deeply warming.


Island, Scotland

700 mL, 40.0%

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