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Warninks Original Advocaat 70cl

Warninks Original Advocaat 70cl

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Warninks, established in 1616 and made in Holland, is the largest manufacturer of quality advocaat in the world and one of the original advocaat producers. Advocaat is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar and brandy. Warninks Advocaat is a firm favourite in the UK, especially around Christmas. As some say: ‘It wouldn’t be Christmas without Warninks’.

Tasting Notes:
Rich & creamy Warninks Advocate is full bodied with a sweet and creamy texture with aromas of vanilla.

Serving Suggestions:
In a cocktail or neat with whipped cream on top.

Warninks Snowball:
The Warninks Snowball can be made by mixing ¼ of Warninks Advocaat with ¾ lemonade and the juice of half a lime.


, Netherlands

Erven Warnink

700 mL, 17.2%

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